#BrookeGoldstein asks “Why have American Jews “focused our efforts on pro-Israel advocacy, instead of launching a great civil rights movement?”

The Time Is Now for a Jewish Civil Rights Movement
by Brooke Goldstein
August 31, 2020

Instead, the Jewish Left is organizing for LGBTQ rights, Black lives, women’s rights and against President Trump. They write op-eds demanding we march behind BLM, a movement plagued with Jew-hatred, afraid they will “cede the space” if they don’t “show up” but failing to demand the same loyalty when a Jewish cause arises. The just cause of Jewish rights has been abandoned by the Left and replaced with a reform agenda that includes gender-neutral Mattel dolls, protesting ICE and asexual pronouns. Traditional liberal values that Jews have championed for decades, like free speech, self-sovereignty and criticism of religion have been replaced with safe spaces, open borders and criticism of Islamophobia. READ MORE

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