“The antisemitism eminent in attacks on Israel and on Zionist Jews like Ritch is evident to all except the most intentionally hateful or obtuse”

Rose Ritch Is a Clarion Call to End Jew Hatred on College Campuses
by Micha Danzig
September 8, 2020

…What happened to [Rose] Ritch epitomizes the “new anti-Semitism.” Rabbi Jonathan Sacks explains that “Anti-Semitism is not an ideologyThe best way of understanding it is to see it as a virus … Today, we are living through the fourth mutation. Unlike its predecessors, the new anti-Semitism focuses not on Judaism as a religion, nor on Jews as a race, but on Jews as a nation.”…Make no mistake—slander and libel are what fuels Jew hatred. Every historic crime against the Jewish people, from our expulsion from England in the 13th century to the Holocaust, was preceded by strings of lies….READ MORE

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