In case you missed this week’s US Holocaust Memorial Museum annual Chicago event, view it here

Tuesday’s luncheon was the first ever “virtual” event and this year the Museum honored my friend Mally Rutkoff for her years of service to the organization. The featured speaker was Former White Nationalist  R. Derek Black who was raised in a prominent White Supremacist family and spent his teenage years helping his father expand the world’s first online racial hate community, Stormfront. In the video link below, you’ll hear his amazing firsthand account of how he came to renounce the White Supremacist movement and philosophy he was raised in. It’s a moving story, very much worth a few minutes of your time. His story begins at 20:30.

Please consider making a gift to the Museum to help them in their vital work. Thanks to a generous donor, any gifts that have increased from your 2019 donation will be matched dollar for dollar and gifts made at the same level as last year will be matched $0.50 on the dollar. To contribute to the USHMM, click here. For more information on the Museum, contact the Midwest Regional Office at 847.433.8099 or

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