“AOC’s snub of Rabin event means more than just hurt feelings at Peace Now. The star of “The Squad” is sending a message to pro-Israel Democrats: The party’s over”

The left wants no part of liberal Israel
by Jonathan C. Tobin
September 29, 2020

In the world of politics, celebrity and name recognition is priceless, so in that sense, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is among the richest members of Congress. In two years, the freshman went from being an unknown to being one of the most consequential members of the U.S. House of Representatives. It’s true that as a newcomer, her influence on Capitol Hill with respect to advancing or blocking legislation is minimal. But in an era when Beltway gridlock has made the passage of landmark bills rare, AOC (as she is commonly known) has a different kind of influence that in many respects is far more consequential. That is why pro-Israel Democrats who hoped to make common cause with her were dealt a devastating blow this past week. READ MORE

ABE YEHUDA What American Jews Can Learn from AOC I said before that AOC taught a lesson that American Jews should learn, and it’s this: The progressive Left is not on your side, even if you are a died-in-the-wool two-stater, even if you dislike our Prime Minister, or even if you hate “settlements.” These people do not want to end the conflict; they would not be satisfied if Netanyahu quit, and a two-state division along the Green Line wouldn’t be enough for them. They want to see the PLO/Hamas win and the Jews lose.

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