“The Palestinian Authority no longer hides its disdain for President Trump and openly hopes for Joe Biden’s victory in the upcoming U.S. presidential elections”

The Palestinians’ View of the U.S. Elections
by Yoni Ben Menachem
October 19, 2020

Four difficult years have passed for the PA and its leader since President Trump took office. Senior Fatah sources say that in recent days the color has returned to the cheeks of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas following the publication of polls in the United States indicating that former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden is leading by a wide margin over President Trump in the presidential race. The Palestinians find themselves in one of their most difficult periods – a near-complete disconnection of the Palestinian leadership with the U.S. administration, a reluctance by the European Union to confront the Trump administration over the Palestinian issue, and the disengagement of Arab states from the Palestinian Authority and its leader. Yet the blame for all these failures lies with the Palestinians. READ MORE

GATESTONE Khaled AbuToameh: Palestinians: What Failure Looks Like When Arabs such as Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz denounce Palestinian leaders as “failures,” they are specifically referring to financial corruption, divisions among the Palestinians, ingratitude toward Arab countries that supported them financially and politically, and the many missed opportunities to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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