The late Rabbi Sacks on secularization: “Technology, the market, and the liberal democratic state “give us choices, but don’t teach us how to choose”

A primer on the theology of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
by David M. Weinberg
November 12, 2020

…Rather than elaborate further on his achievements and wide influence, I offer here a primer on Rabbi Sacks’ theology: his key concerns, beliefs and recipes for a better future. Secularization of society: Throughout his written works, and especially in his recent volumes on confronting religious violence, on morality, and on Leviticus (The Book of Holiness), Rabbi Sacks tracked the disastrous impact of secularization since the 17th century, including the secularization of knowledge, power, economy and culture, making religion seemingly redundant.“What the secularists forgot,” wrote Sacks, “is that Homo sapiens is a meaning-seeking animal.”READ MORE

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