“James Jeffrey signed a 2016 letter warning Trump would put national security at risk, but after serving under him, longtime diplomat says president’s policies made the region safer”

Ex-Syria envoy felt Trump was unqualified. Now he’s sad to see administration go
by Jacob Magid
December 5, 2020

Veteran US diplomat James Jeffrey has served at the pleasure of both Republican and Democratic presidents. He was envoy to Albania and Turkey under George W. Bush and the top diplomat in Iraq under Barack Obama. The two presidents had radically different foreign policy agendas, particularly on the Middle East, with Obama ending the Iraq war that Bush had launched…Donald Trump, though, was initially a step too far. This belief was what led Jeffrey to sign a letter prior to the 2016 election, along with dozens of other national security officials who served under Republican administrations, which declared that Trump was “not qualified to be president and commander-in-chief.” READ MORE

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