Jewish Cancel Culture: Brothers of AEPi petition removal of CEO for his conservative politics

AEPi executive steps down from pro-Trump group following backlash from fraternity alumni
by Ben Sales
January 20, 2021

An AEPi executive is leaving his position with a group whose political arm took part in the Jan. 6 pro-Donald Trump rally in Washington. Andrew Borans, the CEO of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Foundation, served on the advisory council of Turning Point USA, a pro-Donald Trump organization whose political arm participated in the Jan. 6 Washington, D.C. protest of the election results. The protest preceded the storming of the Capitol that left five people dead. “Andy does plan to step down as a volunteer on the advisory board of TPUSA,” Jonathan Pierce, an AEPi spokesperson, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency Wednesday night. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL AEPi exec defends his ties to campus group that sent buses to pro-Trump DC rally At least some of those alumni are demanding that Borans be removed from his position. A petition to that end, started in recent days and written in the name of the “brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi,” already has more than 1100 signatures. 

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