“Until Greene disavows QAnon, anti-Semitism, and her Facebook support for political violence, Republicans and conservatives should condemn her and distance themselves from her”

Why Republicans Need to Denounce Marjorie Taylor Greene
by Tyler O’Neil
January 30, 2021

…Conservatives and Republicans need to condemn Greene’s previous statements on social media and demand an explanation for them. While Greene has dismissed the scandal as a biased attack from the left-leaning legacy media, she has yet to explain her previous statements or denounce them. Until Greene unequivocally rejects the insane and dangerous things she has written and promoted on Facebook, she will give conservatives and Republicans a bad name. While “canceling” people for old social media posts is distasteful, it seems Greene consciously built a following of crazies and worse in order to further her political career…In 2018, Greene crafted a conspiracy theory about Jewish space lasers. READ MORE

ASSOCIATED PRESS GOP’s McConnell blasts ‘loony lies’ by Ga. Rep. Greene Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell denounced newly elected Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Monday, calling the far-right Georgia Republican’s embrace of conspiracy theories and “loony lies” a “cancer for the Republican Party.” 

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