“President Joe Biden’s Iran policy was conceived and is being implemented by the same people who negotiated the JCPOA under Obama, who argued in favor of empowering Iran”

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
Biden’s Drive to War in the Middle East
by Caroline Glick
February 5, 2021

On Monday, Iran tested a new rocket. The Zuljanah rocket is a 25-meter (82-foot) three-stage rocket with a solid fuel engine for its first two stages and a liquid fuel rocket for its third stage. It can carry a 225 kg (496-pound) payload. The Zuljanah’s thrust is 75 kilotons, which is far more than required to launch satellite into orbit. The large thrust makes the Zuljanah more comparable to an intercontinental ballistic missile than a space launch vehicle. The US’s LGM-30G Minuteman-III land-based ICBM for instance, has 90 kiloton thrust. The Zuljanah can rise to a height of 500 kilometers for low-earth orbit or, if launched as a missile, its range is 5,000 kilometers (3,100 miles) – far enough to reach Britain from Iran. READ MORE

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