Ex-antisemite Tufts dental student Adam Elayan: “I am truly sorry for the pain my words have caused. I have wanted to publicly apologize for, and disavow, my past posts for years now”

Turning my back on my ugly, anti-Semitic teenage tweets
by Adam Elayan
March 8, 2021

When I was a teenager six to nine years ago, I tweeted horrible anti-Semitic statements. I made generalizations about Jewish people; I promoted stereotypes about Jews; and I blamed Jewish people for bad things in my life. Since 2017, various groups have been circulating my old tweets, which long ago ceased representing my true thoughts and feelings…My views changed as I matured and learned more about the world, including the complex issues in the Middle East. With education and self-reflection, I learned that I was unjustly blaming and demonizing an entire group of people. Throughout college, my experiences helped me realize how misguided my anger at the Jewish community was. READ MORE

NEW YORK POST Miami Heat place Meyers Leonard on leave after anti-Jewish slur video The Miami Heat placed center Meyers Leonard on indefinite leave Tuesday, hours after a video surfaced of the reserve center using an anti-Jewish slur during a video game livestream. Leonard called an opposing player “k—,” in between other vulgarities, while playing “Call of Duty: Warzone” on Monday.

TIMES OF ISRAEL NBA’s Leonard get Shabbat invite from Julian Edelman after apologizing for slur Jewish NFL star reaches out to player under fire for using word ‘kike’ during a video game livestream

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