“It is important to understand that this timeline is similar to how tensions grew in 2014 and other cycles that led to tensions in Gaza and Jerusalem”

Escalation over Jerusalem is how wars start
by Seth J. Frantzman
April 24, 2021

The recent string of events leading to greater clashes in Jerusalem and rocket fire from Gaza is part of the cycle that has led to conflicts in the past. The recent Jerusalem escalation coincided with Ramadan and TikTok videos of Orthodox Jews being attacked. Numerous arrests were made, but that didn’t calm tensions. A massive far-right rally this past Thursday then led to further tensions, including early-Saturday morning rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. Hamas and Palestinian groups in Gaza have vowed solidarity with Jerusalem.READ MORE

ISRAEL HAYOM Dozens injured as violent clashes in Jerusalem continue overnight Arab protesters confront a group of some 300 far-right Jewish activists who marched in protest of recent attacks by Arabs on Jews.

FREE BEACON Anti-Semitic TikTok Trend Fuels Violence in Jerusalem Videos depicting anti-Semitic violence are trending on TikTok in Israel, encouraging Arab assaults on Jews amid ongoing violent protests in Jerusalem. The videos, which show Arab teens assaulting unsuspecting Jews, have stoked violent conflicts in the Old City of Jerusalem. Tensions came to a head Thursday night as the far-right Jewish group Lehava organized a street march in protest, chanting “death to Arabs.”

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