“What we’re seeing right now is the deliberate, methodical, and cynical weaponizing of the press as a tool of political warfare. This isn’t skewed reporting; this is full-on propaganda, the goal of which is to deny Israel the right to defend itself against murderous attacks”

Press lies about what’s happening between Israel and Gaza
By Liel Leibovitz
May 17, 2021

To hear most of the western media tell it, war’s afoot in the Middle East, fueled once again by Israel’s unquenchable belligerence. “Israel struck the Gaza Strip again Monday,” began the Washington Post’s report, and readers leafing through The New York Times would have similarly learned that “Israeli warplanes began another round of attacks.” The BBC, showing that famous British reserve, merely informed its readers that “Israel’s military operation against Palestinian Hamas militants in Gaza will continue,” while NBC added a bit of news analysis, boldly stating that “As Israel inflicts a lopsided death count on the Palestinians, it’s clear that U.S. funds merely polish the armor of a regional Goliath in its contests with David.” READ MORE

NEW YORK POST Editorial Board:If AP really didn’t know it shared space with Hamas, why trust its reporting? After an Israeli airstrike Saturday destroyed a high-rise office tower on the Gaza Strip, the Associated Press, which had offices there for 15 years, complained, claiming it had no idea the building was also home to Hamas. If it’s true that AP was so unaware — and the evidence suggests it’s unlikely — how can anyone trust its reporting in the region?

TABLET MAG Lee Smith: Let’s Talk About Reporting in War Zones The Associated Press claims it never knowingly shared a building with Hamas in Gaza. Its own correspondents—and former Obama administration officials—know better.

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