“Like Omar, Tlaib fails to mention that Hamas began firing rockets on innocent civilians; she only has time to attack Israel’s defense of itself”

The Squad’s Noxious Anti-Semitism
by Christine Rosen
May 15, 2021

…And yet, the Squad and their anti-Semitic rhetoric can no longer be considered mere outliers; they are, after all, treated as the vanguard of progressivism by the media, still the subject of fawning profiles and praise (the craven Peter Beinart praised Tlaib for the “raw honesty” of her speech on the House floor). In a stunning display of woke ignorance, Daily Show host Trevor Noah suggested Israel shouldn’t defend itself from terrorist rocket attacks because . . . .technology? “Like, set aside motives and intentions and just look at technology, technology alone,” he said. “Israel has one of the most advanced militaries in the world.” READ MORE

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