UN Security Council ignores the 4,000 rockets Hamas launched into civilian areas; Israel Foreign Ministry: “We thank President Biden and the US administration for their continued support of Israel”

UN Security Council refuses to condemn Hamas
by Staff
May 22, 2021

The United Nations (UN) Security Council called for Israel and Hamas to keep to the ceasefire, emphasizing the need to provide humanitarian aid to “Palestinians.” Israel’s Foreign Ministry responded to the Council’s announcement, saying: “The full responsibility for this escalation lies with the Hamas terrorist organization, which chose to initiate rocket fire at Israel’s capital of Jerusalem, the areas surrounding the Gaza Strip, and other cities in Israel. “It is very unfortunate to see that the Security Council has ignored the launching of over 4,000 rockets at Israeli civilians from populated areas in Gaza. READ MORE

ALGEMEINER Egyptian Mediators Try to Build on Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Egyptian mediators sought to reinforce a day-old ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militants on Saturday, and aid officials appealed for a period of calm to start tackling a humanitarian crisis in Gaza after 11 days of fighting. The ceasefire, which began before dawn on Friday, was still holding on Saturday evening, enabling officials to start assessing the scale of the damage.

ISRAEL HAYOM Israeli ambassador rips UN: The hypocrisy in this institution knows no bounds “We will never apologize for defending our citizens, even if some here might be happy to see a higher number of dead Jews,” Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the United States and the United Nations, tells the UN General Assembly on Thursday.

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