“The criticism shows that a growing number of Arabs are fed up with the continuous efforts of Iran to destabilize the Arab countries with the help of the mullahs’ proxies in the Middle East, including Hamas”

Arabs: Hamas Does Not Care About Palestinian Suffering
by Khaled Abu Toameh
May 20, 2021

While many in the West denounced Israel for its military strikes in the Gaza Strip over the past week, prominent Arab writers and political analysts held the Iranian-backed Hamas responsible for the violence and bloodshed. These Arabs evidently understand what the anti-Israel activists around the world fail to see — that Hamas has brought nothing but disaster and despair to the two million Palestinians living under its rule in the Gaza Strip. These Arabs also seem to understand that Israel is not waging war on the Palestinians, but against an Islamist terrorist group whose charter openly calls for jihad (holy war) and the elimination of Israel. These Arabs can also see that if one cares about the Palestinians, why would one want them ruled by terrorists who place weapons caches near hospitals and schools, and use children as human shields? READ MORE

TORONTO SUN Tarek Fatah: Palestinians Die as Hostages of Hamas As hundreds die in Gaza once more, one cannot help feeling the pain of the Palestinians. They bury their dead children with no end in sight. Another ceasefire may come into effect soon, but will not end their multi-generational misery as a people without a state. The tragedy of the Palestinians is not that they don’t have a state of their own (which they deserve), but that they are being held hostage by a leadership that, decade after decade, does not learn the lessons of their accumulated defeat and humiliation.

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