“Two decades after a terrorist murdered 21 young people at a Tel Aviv disco, the group’s central goal is the same: The end of Israel”

Hamas then, Hamas now
by David Harris
June 1, 2021

It was exactly 20 years ago. My wife and I were attending a Shabbat dinner in Madrid on June 1st when someone gave us the news. A suicide bomber had struck a seaside discotheque, the Dolphinarium, in Tel Aviv. There were reportedly many casualties. The final death toll was 21 youngsters, ages 14-25. They were mostly Russian-speaking immigrants out for a night of fun. Another 100 people were wounded. The terrorist was armed and sent by Hamas. His aim was to kill as many Israelis, as many Jews, as possible. His father, upon hearing the news, proudly declared his son to be a “martyr.” READ MORE

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