Bal Harbor Mayor: The Honeymoon Period for the Jewish Diaspora is Over

For American Jews, the honeymoon is over
by Gabriel Groisman
June 4, 2021

Unfortunately, we’ve also allowed this era to soften us as a people. We let our collective guard down. We began intellectualizing away our identity in an ill-fated attempt to fit in. From the comfort of our American-style homes, we spent the last few decades losing our connection to our roots, our Jewish history, our peoplehood, our religion, our land and our identity. Many have simply forgotten who we are. But for what it’s worth, you can always count on the anti-Semites to remind those of us who need to be reminded. While the anti-Semites say this with disdain, I say it with pride: No matter how successful, how connected, how Americanized you think you are, you are always a Jew. READ MORE

Bal Harbor Mayor Groisman’s remarks at the Antisemitism Rally organized by the Greater Miami Jewish Federation

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