“Jewish pride has replaced the humiliated Jew of history, but where Israelis are entrenched in the trappings of Jewish identity, American Jews must choose”

American Jews, how ‘Jewish’ are you?
by Yedidia Z. Stern
June 6, 2021

…What attributes make one Jewish in the eyes of American Jews? Along with the memory of the Holocaust (76%) and caring about the State of Israel (45%), Judaism in the US is identified with leading a moral life (72%) and being committed to social justice and equality (59%). This is the Judaism that resonates with the morality of the prophets — at its center is a commitment to human rights, and there is a lesson in this for Israelis. Still, one cannot help but be amazed that humor is considered by our American brethren to be much more of a Jewish identifier (34%) than the observance of Jewish law (15%). READ MORE

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