“Lapid railed at the dysfunction of the Netanyahu-Gantz government. Yet he and Bennett have set up one just as big and wasteful. What’s needed, paradoxically, is a bigger Knesset”

Why the champions of change are forming one of Israel’s most bloated governments
by Haviv Rettig Gur
June 12, 2021

The sheer size and bloat of the new unity government — 28 cabinet ministers and six deputy ministers — will make it the third-largest in Israel’s history. That’s third out of 36, second only to the outgoing government (35 cabinet ministers) and Netanyahu’s 2009-2013 government (30 ministers). “I have failed there,” [Yair] Lapid said bluntly at the Monday meeting. “I can’t defend it. I wanted a small government with a small number of ministers. This is not a good thing.”…The internet, as they say, never forgets. Footage of Lapid railing against [Netanyahu] government bloat and overlarge cabinet tables was dragged out in recent weeks to embarrass him. READ MORE

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