“In 2017, the Chicago Dyke March threw out participants for carrying flags emblazoned with the Star of David”

Chicago Dyke March Posts Promotional Image Showing Burning Israeli and American Flags
by Benjamin Kerstein
June 21, 2021

The Chicago Dyke March, an annual LGBT parade that in 2017 ejected marchers carrying flags with Jewish symbols, promoted its upcoming [2021] event with an image showing the burning of Israeli and American flags. The image depicted a woman standing atop a burning car holding the two flags, which were both shown in flames. The Instagram promotional post was removed by the company for “hate speech or symbols,” in a warning that threatened to delete the group’s account. READ MORE

JNS Jonathan Tobin: The left slides into acceptance of anti-Semitism Banning an Israeli food truck at a Philadelphia event shocked some Jewish leftists. But why? Their acceptance of anti-Israel hate has inevitably led to such prejudice

AMERICAN GREATNESS Chicago Dyke March Flier Shows Woman in ACAB Undies Burning Israeli and U.S. Flags The group’s flier for the event features an overweight woman squatting on the hood of a burning police car clad in underwear that says ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards), and holding two burning flags; an Israeli flag, and an American flag.

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