“Hundreds of angry Palestinians marched towards Abbas’s presidential compound in Ramallah to demand he resign over Banat’s death”

Autopsy shows head blows in death of Abbas critic, Palestinian group says
by Ali Sawafta
June 24, 2021

A Palestinian activist who died in the custody of President Mahmoud Abbas’s security forces on Thursday took blows to the head, a Palestinian rights group said after conducting an autopsy, adding the wounds indicated “an unnatural death”. The family of Nizar Banat, a well-known critic of Abbas’s Palestinian Authority, said PA forces broke into his house in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron overnight and hit him repeatedly with a metal rod before arresting him. A PA spokesman could not immediately be reached for comment on the autopsy findings of the PA’s Independent Commission for Human Rights. READ MORE

JEWISH PRESS PA Arabs Raging over Death of Leading Abbas Critic in Security Forces’ Custody At 3:30 Thursday morning, 20 Palestinian Authority security henchmen stormed the Hebron home of activist Nizar Banat, beat him up in front of his wife who was holding their baby, and his children who were also looking on, and took him alive to the prison, reported the Palestine Twitter account, adding, that by 8 AM, the news of his death—in a Hebron hospital—had been announced.

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