“Not naming the distinctly left-wing roots of this hatred suggests that those doing the condemning do not want to alienate supposed allies”

When it comes to anti-Israel attacks on Jews, it’s time to name the enemy
by Gil Troy
June 23, 2021

…On June 3, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs defined “antisemitism, especially in its modern guise of anti-Zionism,” as anti-Jewish violence compounded by “some of our society’s most esteemed institutions — universities, school boards, political parties, unions, the media — ignoring Jew-hatred, and in so doing providing cover for it.” The bold statement detailed five ways that anti-Zionists are not “just” criticizing Israel but committing Jew-hatred, including “When in the name of criticizing Israel, anti-Zionists pelt Canadians with stones, that is antisemitism.” While buoying antisemites, Zio-washing explains how an increasingly loud minority of rabbis and Jewish studies professors feel comfortable bashing Israel and repudiating Zionism. READ MORE

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