New initiatives are integrating haredi society into Israel’s tech sector and tapping into their strength to upgrade the ‘start-up nation.’

Start-Up nation: How haredi Jews are integrating into Israel’s tech sector
by Zev Stub
July 1, 2021

Did you hear the one about the time a group of top hi-tech CEOs, a former air force commander and the chairman of Bank Hapoalim walked into the Ponevezh Yeshiva in Bnei Brak on a Thursday night and started learning Talmud with the students? It’s not a joke, but it might be part of a major shift happening in Israeli society. A group of top executives, including the Israeli CEOs of Facebook, Cisco, IBM and other giants, recently got a close-up look at haredi community life on a bus tour through Bnei Brak organized by Kamatech, an organization that connects haredi entrepreneurs to Israel’s hi-tech ecosystem. READ MORE

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