Hamas aims to kill as many Israeli civilians as possible, but its rockets place both Israelis and Palestinians in peril; 680 misfired and exploded inside Gaza

How many Gaza Palestinians were killed by Hamas rockets in May? An estimate.
by Alex Safian
July 5, 2021

Numbers were at the heart of much of the coverage and commentary surrounding the fighting in May between Hamas and Israel. One example was the front-page New York Times story and photo spread about the number of (mostly) Palestinian children killed. Upon closer examination, however, the numbers tell a very different story from that propounded by Hamas and most media outlets. First, some baseline facts. In the 11 days of fighting between Israel and Gaza, Hamas and similar groups launched at least 4,360 rockets and mortars (rockets, for short) at Israel. Of those, 3,573 penetrated Israeli airspace, 280 landed in the Mediterranean and a significant 680 fell short and landed in Gaza (according to the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center [ITIC]). READ MORE

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