“Recent flareups of violence in the Middle East are the outcome of a major policy shift by an administration that prefers to avert its eyes from the truth”

Violence in Yemen, Gaza, and Iraq isn’t coincidental, even though the White House wishes it was
by Richard Goldberg
July 6, 2021

“As Arab world rallies around Palestinians and bloodshed mounts, Trump-era peace deals fade from view,” blared a Washington Post headline on May 14, the fourth day of the most recent round of fighting between Israel and Hamas. The headline encapsulated the conventional wisdom of many journalists as well as of the Washington “peace processors,” those in the Biden administration included. To them, last month’s coordinated terror assault on Israel by Hamas and Islamic Jihad was the inevitable byproduct of the previous administration having ignored the Palestinian cause, defunded Palestinian institutions that support terror, and attempted to broker Arab-Israeli peace in the absence of a Palestinian state. READ MORE

DAILY CALLER Ilan Berman: If The Afghan Government Falls To The Taliban, The Country Could Once Again Become A Haven For Terrorists History, they say, doesn’t really repeat itself, but it does sometimes rhyme. That’s an apt description for the Biden administration’s policy toward Afghanistan, which risks recreating the very conditions that made possible the September 11 attacks against America two decades ago.

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