“In ongoing fracas around Yair Lapid’s speech on antisemitism’s place in the family of hatreds comes an unstated reckoning between Zionist expectations and a bitter reality”

A hatred that dwells alone? Antisemitism debate cuts to heart of Zionist vision
by Haviv Rettig Gur
July 26, 2021

On July 14, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid suggested in a speech that antisemitism was not as special as many Jews believe, but rather is but one bigotry among many in the rich and variegated mosaic of human hatred. Antisemitism, he told the Global Conference on Combating Antisemitism gathered in Jerusalem, “exists everywhere…. The antisemites weren’t just in the Budapest Ghetto” of his Holocaust survivor father’s youth. “The antisemites were slave traders who threw chained slaves overboard into the ocean. The antisemites were the members of the Hutu tribe in Rwanda who massacred members of the Tutsi tribe. READ MORE

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