“I decided there and then that if they were truly going to make a move that followed a BDS strategy, then of course I would have to quit”

Former Ben & Jerry’s employee details efforts to away company on Israel decision

by Shiryn Ghermezian
July 27, 2021

An ex-employee of Ben & Jerry’s who left the company after it announced that it was ending sales in the West Bank elaborated on her efforts to dissuade the ice cream maker from boycotting Israel. For 21 years, graphic designer Susannah Levin worked exclusively as a contractor for the ice cream company in their design department. She told StandWithUs during a virtual event on Sunday that when the company went silent on social media during the Israel-Hamas conflict in May, she began asking questions at work and was granted permission by the public relations department to listen to a company meeting on the subject, where she learned that Ben & Jerry’s was considering divesting from the West Bank. READ MORE

JEWISH JOURNAL Ben & Jerry’s US Franchisees Call for Company to Rescind Israel Decision The letter was signed by franchisees located in Seattle, Boston, San Francisco and St. Louis, among other major cities, that operate 30 stores and generate $23.3 million in revenue combined.

Attend the New York August 12 protest against Ben & Jerry’s

Join the Petition to #BoycottBenandJerrys! Sign Here

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