“While a covert campaign to make critical race theory part and parcel of school curricula has been the most visible part of the activist educators’ efforts to corrupt teaching of America’s children, not far behind has been a troubling, pernicious campaign to demonize Israel and Zionism”

Public School Educators’ Obsessive Hatred of Israel
by Richard L. Cravatts
September 2, 2021

It is inexcusable that educators in America’s public schools have decided to become pro-Palestinian activists; that they have decided it is appropriate and productive to bring that activism to the classroom and include false history and contortions of fact in school curricula; that the Palestinians are perennial guiltless victims of Israel’s oppression; that Israelis—and by extension, Jews—have become part of white supremacy and colonial oppression; and that educators have decided it is critical to push this propaganda and bigotry down the throats of impressionable students and teach it as fact. READ MORE

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