Guarantees on paper, as diplomatically wordsmithed as they may be, have proved meaningless

As Afghanistan collapses, Israel learns the value of international ‘security guarantees’
by Amir Avivi and Or Yissachar
September 12, 2021

…Further still, guarantees on paper, as diplomatically wordsmithed as they may be, were given to both the Afghani and Israeli people, and proved meaningless. With much pomp and circumstance, well-meaning, but naïve international actors promise “multilayered systems,” “target timetables and benchmarks,” “state-of-the-art technology” and “unfettered support,” then land in the unpleasant, scorching Middle Eastern sand dunes. When these failed models collapse, it is the local people who are left to deal with the fallout, while airlifts take international forces to safety. READ MORE

ALGEMEINER The Real Lesson of the Afghanistan Debacle for Israel Afghanistan provides a compelling reminder of the futility of fighting a proxy war while refraining from confronting the power supporting the proxy, even if you are the preeminent global power, which the US still is.

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