“The message from Israel’s top leadership could not be any clearer: It is prepared to act to prevent a nuclear Iran”

Why an Israeli Military Option against Iran Is Back on the Table
by Ilan Berman
October 5, 2021

The most important message to come out of last week’s United Nations General Assembly gathering in New York wasn’t Africa’s call for greater vaccine diplomacy, or a plea for the world body to get more engaged in Myanmar. Rather, it was that Israel, now under new management by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and his broad political coalition, is making serious contingency plans to move unilaterally against Iran, should it become necessary to do so. In his September 28 address before the U.N. General Assembly, Israel’s new premier made it clear that the Jewish state continues to view the Islamic Republic’s persistent nuclear ambitions as a truly existential danger — and that it is prepared to take military action on its own in order to thwart them if it feels it has no other choice. READ MORE

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