#BretStephens: “Israel’s defenders seem intent on fighting their battles in the settings where they are most likely to lose: elite universities, prestige media outlets, and other venues where opinions tend to range from the left to the far left”

Israel Wins the War of Ideas
by Bret Stephens
Winter 2022

…Each of these arguments may be right on the merits, yet they rarely do more than preach to the converted. As for the unconverted, the best argument is that Israel is under no obligation to justify its existence to anybody, least of all those who despise it; that, like any democratic and sovereign nation, it has every right to do what it must to safeguard its vital interests and security; that it isn’t interested in winning popularity contests; and that sincere and constructive criticism is always welcome, but its policies won’t be swayed by those who fundamentally wish it ill. READ MORE

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