“As the Ukrainian president captivates the world with his bravery, he offers a reminder of the inroads Eastern and Central European Jews have made in overcoming their status as perpetual outsiders”

How Zelensky Gave the World a Jewish Hero
by Gal Beckerman
February 27, 2022

For those inclined to see history as depressingly cyclical, the war in Ukraine offers fairly strong evidence. It all feels lifted from a familiar script in which only the actors have been switched—at anti-Russian protests, a popular placard even has the 20th century’s most evil mustache Photoshopped onto Putin’s face. But there is one protagonist who is an unusual fit for his role: Volodymyr Zelensky. The 44-year-old former comedian turned president has exhibited great patriotism and bravery, joining his fate with that of his countrymen on the streets of Kyiv, refusing to leave despite Western offers of an airlift. If he is now, as he put it, “the No. 1 target” for the Russians, it is because he is the No. 1 Ukrainian. And what is remarkable, truly mind-blowing in the long sweep of history, is that his Jewishness has not stood in the way of his being embraced as a symbol of the nation. READ MORE

NEW YORK POST Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky survives three assassination attempts in the last week

THE ATLANTIC A Prayer for Volodymyr Zelensky Franklin Foer: History has found the Ukrainian president, and his courage is remarkable to witness. His willingness to die is testimony to the new Ukraine, which its people are now rallying to protect.

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