Pesach 5782: A lesson from the past about choosing freedom over servitude

The Jews Who Didn’t Leave Egypt
Alana Newhouse
April 14, 2022

This weekend, millions of people will sit around Seder tables and memorialize the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. Guided by the Haggadah, or Passover text—one of the most popular Jewish books ever written—Seder participants are led along in a series of prayers, texts, and activities. We talk and talk and talk about the miracle of liberation; we parse the details of its unfolding, enumerating the many miracles involved; we go over whether we are supposed to commemorate the blessing of freedom only in this life or also in the next one; we assert in words and song the gratitude we feel for being the lucky descendants of those who escaped from slavery. One thing we do not generally discuss, however, are the Jews who didn’t leave. READ MORE

NAOMI RAGEN BLOG Waving to the Angel of Death Ruminations on the 20th anniversary of the Park Hotel bombing on Seder night 20 years ago – and how the Haggadah helped me cope.

TIMES OF ISRAEL Despite the danger, Ukrainian Jews prepare to celebrate Passover in public seders The threat of violence, curfews and supply-chain disruptions are complicating the holiday efforts, but thousands still plan to partake in festivities

EMET EMET’s Sarah Stern: EMET’s Four Questions About the Jewish People As many of you know, the Seder opens with young children asking the Four Questions. As we get ready for the holiday, I would like to suggest my own version of the Four Questions…

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