“Anti-Zionism, from its earliest beginnings, was a reassertion of privilege. It was an attempt to force the Jews back into “their place,” which history had supposedly assigned them”

The Harvard Crimson’s hatred of Israel proves anti-Semitism is a privileged ideology
Benjamin Kerstein
May 8, 2022

What it reveals is simple: Anti-Semitism is a privileged ideology. This is perfectly obvious when one considers the very nature of the Crimson and of Harvard, because Harvard is not just privileged, it is privilege. It is the manifestation, mechanism and perpetuator of the American upper class—yes, America has one—and its graduates inevitably spill out across that aristocracy. Harvard’s student newspaper is no different, having produced legions of elite journalists and others who exercise profound influence over what Americans read, see and hear. Its current editorial board basks in that privilege, however vehemently they may claim otherwise. READ MORE

JTA Larry Summers and Alan Dershowitz join over 100 Harvard faculty and alumni in denouncing student paper’s Israel boycott endorsement In an open letter, more than 100 Harvard faculty members objected to the paper endorsing an academic and financial boycott of the state of Israel, including the school’s former president Larry Summers; prominent psychologist and author Steven Pinker; endowed law professor Gabriella Blum; former Harvard Medical School dean Jeffrey Flier; and emeritus law professor and longtime pro-Israel advocate Alan Dershowitz.

HARVARD CRIMSON Alan M. Dershowitz Letter to the Editor: Editorial Normalizes Growing Campus Anti-Semitism In one of the most ignorant, discriminatory, and deceptive editorials published by The Crimson, its editors call on “everyone” to promote the current form of antisemitism.

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