“While Biden’s contradictory pandering was sufficient to render the president’s trip a bust, the unbridgeable gap between his words and his administration’s policies made it strategically catastrophic”

The strategic fallout of Biden’s failure
Caroline Glick
July 20, 2022

…Biden’s visit to the all-Arab hospital was the most controversial stop during Biden’s visit to the Jewish state, because it signaled an about-face on America’s long standing support for an undivided Jerusalem. Not only did Biden refuse to permit Israeli officials to accompany him on his visit to the Jerusalem hospital, but his team removed the Israeli flag from Biden’s limousine as he made his way to it, and refused to permit Israeli reporters to participate in the press pool. Quite simply, even before Biden made the visit, the hospital tour represented a glaring contradiction of his repeated protestations of undying friendship and support for Israel. READ MORE

AMERICAN SPECTATOR Biden Courts Abbas, Ignores Palestinian Pay-for-Slay. And directly violates the Taylor Force Act The Biden administration’s disbursement of American tax dollars through entities like the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) is redirected to fund Palestinian terrorism, which includes establishing terrorist training summer camps for children.

ISRAEL HAYOM Mark Dubowitz and Jacob Nagel: Will new nuclear deal render Israel’s capabilities hollow? Tehran wants to keep up the negotiations facade until such time as the IAEA convenes, but Iran’s leaders must be made to understand that the era of impervious immunity is over. When dealing with Hamas in Gaza, the Israeli response to any provocation must be disproportionate.

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