Lufthansa “regrets the circumstances surrounding the decision to exclude Jewish passengers from the flight”

German airline Lufthansa to appoint anti-Semitism manager after an incident with Jewish passengers at Frankfurt airport
Yossi Lempkowicz
August 3, 2022

Lufthansa Airlines will hire an anti-Semitism manager and adopt the International Human Rights Commission’s (IHRA) working definition of anti-Semitism after an incident that garnered international attention, in which more than 100 identifiably Jewish individuals were barred from a flight on May 4, The Jewish Chronicle reported. The passengers, many of whom were traveling individually, had been en route from New York to Budapest, Hungary, with a stopover in Frankfurt, Germany. Upon landing in Frankfurt, the Jewish individuals were denied permission to continue onboard the plane as some, according to the airline, had not followed proper mask-wearing protocols. READ MORE

STANDWITHUS StandWithUs Thanks Lufthansa Airlines for Adopting IHRA Definition To effectively identify and combat anti-Jewish bigotry, a consistent definition of antisemitism is imperative. StandWithUs is thankful to Lufthansa for joining the hundreds of other institutions that have already taken the crucial step of adopting the IHRA Definition. 

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