On 2nd anniversary of signing ceremony, US ambassador says Washington is working to deepen and broaden Israel’s normalization with Arab neighbors

Nides: Biden administration taking Abraham Accords ‘from start-up to real operation’
Jacob Magid
September 15, 2022

In the early days of the Biden administration, there appeared to be some reluctance in Washington to embrace the Abraham Accords. Biden officials acknowledged that the Trump-brokered normalization agreements Israel signed with the UAE, Bahrain, and Morocco in 2020 were positive developments for the region, but took little public action to advance the initiative in early 2021. Some senior US officials intentionally referred to them only as “normalization agreements,” rather than using the term coined by the previous administration…At his Senate confirmation hearing last September, Nides made a point of demonstrating his support for the initiative regardless of its origins. “The Abraham Accords — yes, the Abraham Accords — are critical to the region’s stability and prosperity,” he said then. READ MORE

US State Department Spokesperson Ned Price can’t quite bring himself to use the words “Abraham Accords”

JNS Abraham Accords two years later: Economic collaboration and cultural exchange flourishing Two organizations with many former Trump administration officials joined together on Monday to celebrate the second anniversary of the Abraham Accords, which over the years has proven far more durable and consequential than many expected when signed under former President Donald Trump.

ALGEMEINER Young Israelis, Emiratis, Bahrainis, and Moroccans To Celebrate Anniversary of Abraham Accords A coalition of young Israelis, Emiratis, Bahrainis, and Moroccans will together celebrate the second anniversary of the signing of the Abraham Accords as part of a joint initiative program taking place in Washington, DC.

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