How PM Lapid plans to block Iran’s path to a bomb

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
‘Does Israel have the ability to stop Iran from becoming nuclear? The answer is yes’
Yehuda Shlezinger
September 25, 2022

…Asked if “Israeli children are safe from Iran,” Lapid said, “From day one, we have been telling the Americans that we will engage behind closed doors in the most heated debate they have ever seen and will make them see intelligence they would have preferred not to see. But we also said that we will not deliver speeches in Congress against them; we will not get into the US political fray, we have already seen how ineffective this is [in 2015, referring to then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s efforts to derail the nuclear deal]. But we also said that we will reserve the right to act without clearing this with them or giving a heads up; we are not going to commit to informing anyone.” READ MORE

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