Dershowitz: “Universities have an educational and moral duty to foster dialogue and learning, not banning and censorship”

Berkeley Clubs Ban Zionist Speakers
Alan M. Dershowitz
October 11, 2022

…Those [Berkeley]clubs are engaging in a combination of Stalinism and antisemitism: Stalinism in the sense that they allow no dissenting views from their “politically correct” doctrine of no Israel; antisemitism in the sense that among all the nations of the world which are involved in controversies — Russia, Iran, China, Belarus, to name a few — they have singled out for banning only the nation-state of the Jewish people…Clubs and universities generally have a right to choose their speakers, but there is a vast difference between individually deciding who will speak and making a collective decision banning all people of a particular ideology, religion or race. These clubs are effectively banning most Jews…Imagine if a university club were to exclude all speakers who support Black Lives Matter? READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL We Zionists are actually thriving at Berkeley Law Yes, the ban on Zionist speakers by some student groups is shameful. No, our alma mater is not a hotbed of antisemitism, and claims of ‘Jewish-free zones’ are harmful

BERKELEY LAW UC-Berkeley Law Faculty Statement In Support Of Jewish Students We hereby endorse the principle of free and open speech at the law school. This includes the fundamental principle that all students should be freely admitted to all student groups and under no circumstances should any student be denied admission to any student group.

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