#TwoStateSolution “The idea that a Jewish and a Palestinian state will coexist peacefully is widespread in contemporary academic and political circles but ignores the reality on the ground”

Understanding Israeli-Palestinian two-state solution delusion
Professor Efraim Inbar
October 11, 2022

…Unfortunately, a stable and peaceful outcome according to the two-state concept is not expected in the near future for two reasons. The two national movements, the Palestinian and the Zionist, are not close to a historical compromise, and the Palestinians have proven in the meantime that they are unable to build a state. The predicted “peace process” failed, despite repeated efforts, mainly by the US, to reach a permanent agreement. At this historical juncture, Palestinian society, under the influence of a nationalist and Islamic ethos, is unable to reach a compromise with the Zionist movement. Recent polls (March 2022) show that two-thirds of Palestinians share the opinion that Israel is an apartheid state, and 73% believe that the Koran contains a prophecy about the disappearance of the State of Israel. READ MORE

GATESTONE Khaled Abu Toameh:Palestinians’ New Enemy: British Prime Minister Liz Truss Now, as is evident from the attacks on the British prime minister, Western leaders are themselves becoming victims of the Palestinians’ smear campaigns. This is what happens when Western governments lavish untold millions of dollars on the Palestinians without requiring accountability and without demanding an end to the venomous Palestinian rhetoric against Israel and Jews.

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