“Israel’s surrender to Hezbollah demands over the Karish gas field and failure to respond effectively to Palestinian terror are making Israel look like a “loser” to others in the Middle East”

The Israeli government’s weakness and fear will cause its enemies to up the ante
Harold Rhode
October 16, 2022

In recent days, my colleagues and I have been closely monitoring the fallout from two major events: 1)Israel’s surrender to demands made by Hezbollah, Lebanon and, ultimately, Iran regarding the Israel-Lebanon maritime border and the right to extract natural gas from the Karish gas field. 2)Israel’s weak and fearful response to the many terrorist attacks in Jerusalem and Samaria (a.k.a. the northern part of the “West Bank”). In the Middle East, when one party to a dispute caves to the other’s demands, the winner ups the ante. No one respects those who meekly submit to their opponents. Instead, people mock, shame and often attack the loser. READ MORE

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