Spielberg’s star-studded autobiography is its acclaimed director’s genesis story “full of references Diaspora Jews will love”

Spielberg’s very Jewish memoir film ‘The Fabelmans’ is one of the best of his career
Jordan Hoffman
November 10, 2022

…“The Fabelmans,” in theaters in New York and Los Angeles on November 11, followed by the rest of North America the upcoming week, represents [Tony] Kushner’s fourth collaboration with Spielberg — but the first time that the legendary director has taken a co-writing credit. Indeed, throughout his vast career, Spielberg has almost always delegated the business of getting the words on the page to someone else. But this time he isn’t focusing his camera outward to benign space aliens or an adventuresome archeologist, or even toward Normandy Beach or Polish concentration camps, but inward — not only to the peculiar history of his own family, but also to his growth as an artist and a person. It is a remarkable work of cinema, one of the best movies of the year, and unlike anything else in this innovator’s incomparable career. READ MORE

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