“For nearly half a century #ThomasFriedman has publicly attacked every Israeli government, whether it was right-wing, left-wing or somewhere in between”

Thomas Friedman, an equal-opportunity Israel-basher
Stephen M. Flatow
November 6, 2022

Longtime New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman warned this week that, as a result of the Nov. 1 Israeli election, “the Israel we knew is gone” and the Jewish state is “entering a dark tunnel.” If you’d never read an article by Friedman before, you might assume that it was the rightward turn by Israeli voters that set the columnist against the Jewish state. You would think, in other words, that Friedman’s ire is Israel’s fault. You would be wrong. Very wrong. The truth is that Friedman’s hostility towards Israel has nothing to do with the reelection of Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel’s prime minister or the center-right governing coalition he is about to form. READ MORE

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