Likud tells its right-wing allies it will not support amending Right of Return to bar citizenship for grandchildren of Jews

Likud refusing to back changes to Right of Return
November 30, 2022

The Likud has informed its right-wing allies that it will not support a proposed amendment to the Right of Return, Reshet Bet reported Wednesday morning. Following the November 1st general election, all of the Likud’s future coalition partners called for the removal of the “grandfather clause” in the Law of Return. Added to the Law of Return in 1970, the amendment enables non-Jews with at least one Jewish grandparent – or non-Jews who are married to Jews – to seek Israeli citizenship.  Earlier this month, a Likud official told Channel 13 News that this is a demand that could incite the wrath of the Jewish communities in the Diaspora, in particular in the United States and the countries of the former Soviet Union, where many potential immigrants have no connection whatsoever with Judaism other than a single Jewish grandparent. READ MORE

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