MSNBC commentator: “Netanyahu likes antisemitism in the diaspora because it’s consistent with this idea that Jews are not safe anywhere but Israel”

As Antisemitism Surges, Mehdi Hasan Guest Blames Jews
David Litman
December 7, 2022

On Sunday, December 4, the Mehdi Hasan Show on MSNBC reached a new low when one of Mehdi’s guests argued that Jews promote antisemitism to advance “Israeli Zionist ideology.” Responding to Mehdi’s question, “Have you been surprised at the speed with which antisemitism has become publicized, mainstreamed, normalized on the right,” guest Eric Alterman, a professor at City University of New York, responded: “What’s so interesting is the marriage between pro-Israel sentiment and antisemitism. The alt-right is very pro-Israel because they like the fact that Israel kicks Muslim ass. They also like the idea that Richard Spencer has said ‘I’m a Zionist,’ because I want all the Jews to go to Israel so we have a good Christian country here. READ MORE

FEDERALIST Morton A Klein: The White House’s Antisemitism Roundtable Was A Sham President Biden cannot be serious about battling antisemitism when he embraces Jew-haters and allows bigotry against Jews to flourish.

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