Israel Ambassador Erdan at UN: “We are here discussing the peaceful 13-minute visit of a Jewish minister to the holiest Jewish site under the sovereignty of the liberal democracy of Israel”

‘Poison, lies’: Israeli, Palestinian envoys spar at fiery UN session on Temple Mount
Luke Tress
January 6, 2022

Israel’s envoy to the United Nations lashed the Palestinians for what he described as “poison and lies” at an emergency Security Council session on National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir’s recent visit to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The council’s members, including the US, repeatedly stressed the importance of maintaining the status quo at the flashpoint compound, while the Palestinians warned of violence and denied any Israeli claim to the site, the holiest in Judaism. Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan said the meeting, held in response to the visit by Ben Gvir on Tuesday, was “absurd” and hypocritical. Ben Gvir’s 13-minute visit to the site was met with international condemnations and expressions of concern. READ MORE

YNET NEWS Ben-Gvir visits Temple Mount despite concerns of violence National security minister arrives flanked by security guards after secret plan made with police, just day after canceling scheduled visit to the holy site; Jordan says it condemns the visit in ‘severest’ terms. “Our government will not succumb to Hamas threats,” Ben-Gvir said. “Temple Mount is the most important site for the people of Israel, and we maintain our freedom of movement there,” he said adding that threats must be met with an iron fist.

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