Legal expert Professor Eugene Kontorovich: “It’s time to reverse the power grab through which judges seized sweeping authority in the 1990’s”

Kontorovich: Time to Reverse ‘Power Grab’ by Israeli Judiciary
Deborah Brand
January 16, 2023

Kontorovich, who is director of International Law at the Jerusalem-based Kohelet Policy Forum, which has advocated judicial reform in Israel for a decade, pointed to the judicial revolution led by then-Supreme Court president Aharon Barak in the mid-1990s. “To claim that what Aharon Barak did by himself with no authorization in 1995 cannot now be undone without undermining Israeli democracy is absurd,” Kontorovich said. The “Barak Court” assumed the power to overturn legislation and to review administrative decisions. Moreover, an “independent” committee handpicks justices, with elected leaders playing only a minor role. Kontorovich has called for the Israeli judiciary to reflect the U.S. system, in which candidates for the Supreme Court are nominated by the president and voted for by the Senate. READ MORE

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