Phillips: Classical liberalism – the basis of Western modernity – holds that all citizens must adhere to the overarching core of the culture, such as democracy, sexual equality and one law for all

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
The religious culture war comes to Israel
Melanie Phillips
January 1, 2023

At the root of the convulsions over Israel’s new government lies the secular world’s hatred and terror of religion. Put to one side, for now, the question of whether the hysterical predictions of extremism and the end of Israeli democracy are remotely likely to happen. Park the fact that we don’t yet know how this new government will behave, and whether the pledge made by returning Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he will resist any extremist demands made by his religious allies is genuine or achievable. Point your periscope instead at Britain, a country whose ability even now to punch culturally well above its weight tends to be ignored by people in both America and Israel. READ MORE

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