Gerald Steinberg: “In 30 years as head of Human Rights Watch, Ken Roth has consistently singled out Israel uniquely for demonization and delegitimization, using numerous false and distorted claims”

Harvard reverses course: Ken Roth to receive fellowship
January 19, 2023

The Harvard Kennedy School reversed itself on Thursday and decided to offer a fellowship to Kenneth Roth. Roth was reportedly offered the position by Carr Center for Public Policy Executive Director Sushma Raman last May and accepted it the following month. However, the decision would be overruled by the center’s dean, Douglas Elmendorf, who concluded that Roth’s tweets showed an anti-Israel bias. The New York Times quoted Elmendorf as saying that he had made an “error,” and that his about-face was not a result of pressure from university supporters. READ MORE

JNS Tobin: Harvard surrenders to the antisemites By bending its knee to pressure from Israel-bashers and their media cheerleaders, the school demonstrated the moral bankruptcy of elite universities. Jews should take note.

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